September 30, 2022


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I tried using a fitness watch for 30 days and here’s how it helped me with my holistic health

Just a few weeks after my recovery from mild COVID-19, trying the Fitbit Luxe was right in time just when I was about  to go back on track with my fitness routine.

Getting infected disrupted my whole routine due to limitations on what I can do for exercise and so having a fitness watch helped me get back in the zone.

I decided to try the Fitbit Luxe out for a whole month and I would say it has helped me with my holistic health, here’s how. 

1. It motivates me to keep going

Even before the pandemic, I am quite an active person and my workout is scheduled either right before I work at 10 a.m. or after I finish my work at 7 p.m. during work days and at around 5 p.m. during my weekends.

Lifting weights and doing circuit training are some of the exercises I often do, which is just perfect as those two are part of the 20 exercise modes the fitness watch has and it can give me real-time stats of my performance.

During workouts, the Luxe watch tracks my heart rate, calories I burned, and how long I have been doing my workouts.

Upon clicking done, the fitness watch shows how many active zones I had during my whole workout.

This helped motivate me to go back to exercising especially since it would show my achievements. Prior to using the watch, I would always just base my performance on how I felt during and after the workout.

You can also set your daily goal in the app so the watch celebrates with you whenever you achieve them, making you want to do more.

2. The sleep tracker helped me to become mindful of my quality of sleep

Aside from the calorie tracker, another favorite of mine from FitBit Luxe is how it tracks and grades my sleep. It’s a feature anyone who has trouble sleeping would appreciate.

It helped me navigate how intense I would workout for the day or how much weight I should carry knowing how much sleep I’ve had the night before.

The watch did not only track the length of my sleep, it also knows the quality of my sleep.

It shows sleep stages including (1) Awake, (2) REM, (3) Light sleep, and (4) Deep sleep, making me realize that I am a light sleeper with the high average percentage of the light sleep stage.

This also made me want to beat my sleep score as much as I can.

3. Sp02 feature 

After recovering from mild COVID-19, it has become my habit to check my oxygen level at all times and the great thing about this watch is it also has that feature.

Although it only tracks it when you sleep, it’s good enough now that I have become busy with work it gives me an oxygen checkup once a day.

It’s on FitBit’s recent update which I think is awesome and timely during a pandemic.

4. Guided breathing to destress

During stressful moments, FitBit’s guided breathing also helps me to have a minute or two to calm down by doing deep breathing exercises. 

Sometimes, I do this every after workout during my cool down sessions to give my body a break from the intense workout I just did.

5. Menstrual health tracker

With FitBit Luxe, I didn’t have to rely on other apps to track my menstrual health.

It tracks my fertile window and it predicts my period days which is just as good as having a whole different app for that purpose.

6. Other useful features

For those who do outdoor exercises such as running, hiking, and biking, the FitBit Luxe is a perfect watch you can wear outside to track your distance and route with its GPS option.

It gives real-time pace and distance during runs and rides. Same goes for swimmers—it also has a water lock setting, making it a watch you can wear for swimming and showering.

Although I am not really someone who often walks given the nature of my desk job from home, it’s still true to its game as the FitBit Luxe tracks my steps when I go out.

It has a silent alarm that wakes you up with vibrations on your wrist. For those who just hate hearing sounds as alarms, this feature is perfect.

It also has a messaging and call notification which alarms when you get texts or calls from the phone your watch is connected to. 

The battery is very convenient, lasting for about three days for my lifestyle and activities.

The FitBit Luxe watch is the right tool for those who want to kickstart and track their fitness and health journey.

However, I would say it’s also good for those who are already active and would want to do better, as this watch gives you a baseline of what else you can improve in your lifestyle, whether it’s sleep or exercise.

—MGP, GMA News