What is putting the most stress on the health of men these days

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The health of men has always been under watch by doctors and medical experts. But that does not mean that women are diseases free. It just tells that the majority of stress-related issues tend to come from males. Is there a basis for this conclusion or is it just a […]

The health of men has always been under watch by doctors and medical experts. But that does not mean that women are diseases free. It just tells that the majority of stress-related issues tend to come from males. Is there a basis for this conclusion or is it just a rumor? Well, this has been confirmed by several surveys that men are more prone to health issues, depression, and other psychological disorders. Stress is a direct result and cause of a damaged sleep cycle, unhealthy food habits, career problems, relationship issues, and others.

Stress if not released significantly, can lead to fatal health issues like insomnia, anxiety, depression, Erectile Dysfunction, and low productivity. Such people have to take Cenforce 200 in order to function normally. In this article, our main point of concern will be the few factors that contribute to stress on the health of men these days.

Unhealthy choice of food

It is surely true that your choice of food determines your overall health. It is the basic fuel on which your body runs, therefore its quality will determine your both physical and mental health. Stress levels may not be directly attached to the food but the unhealthy choice of food will indirectly add to the stress. Unhealthy food includes those that are rich in calories, sugar, and cholesterol. High levels of cholesterol stick to the mouth of pulmonary arteries that are responsible for supplying blood to various organs. Thus, the organs tend to get deficient in blood and function at low potential.

To compensate for the demand for blood by organs, the heart pumps the blood faster because cholesterol is preventing the flow of blood. Faster pumping of the heart increases the blood pressure which causes hypertension, Erectile Dysfunction, high levels of stress and increases the risk of cardiac disorder. Doctors and nutritionists refer that one should eat food as per their work. For instance, someone who is involved in heavy physical work should add more proteins and carbohydrates to his/her diet. And someone like a scientist or one who is involved in a desk job need not take such a high quantity of proteins and carbs.

His/her diet should include more vitamins, minerals, and a normal quantity of carbs to sustain the daily activities. But what we are seeing nowadays is the total violation of this rule. Everybody seems to be consuming everything without being conscious about their current health and work. Fast foods have taken the place of home-cooked foods, in many households burgers and fries are ordered three to four days a week.

Exhausting work life

Apart from home, the major part of the day is spent at the workplace. Hence, the environment at the workplace is very important in defining your mental health. Today big companies are working their employees for 10 to 12 hours regularly. And in days of overtime, it even extends to 18 to 20 hours. Thus, on average than employees 3 to 4 hours of sleep, and again reach the office till 9 am. Companies are busy maximizing their profits by overlooking employees to the extent of a nervous breakdown and almost no intimate life.

The corona pandemic has even worsened this problem as ‘Work From Home’ model was adopted by companies. This has blurred the lines of personal life and work life. Earlier work was limited to the time spent at the office. Once he/she returned home the rest of the time was used to relax, eat and enjoy a good time. But with work from home, the person is working almost every time of the day. When the rest of the family is enjoying lunch together you are alone on your laptop. Despite being at home you are detached from others. This incites a feeling of being left out in the person and besides spending more time in front of the screen adds to stress. This was the reason why we saw an increase in the number of homicides and depression cases.

Lack of patience

The mass spread of social media has  made the world feel closer. You can simply talk to anyone residing in any corner of the world with just a simple click. Thus, the patience of people is going down. The longevity of conversation is dying, people want all the answers now. This has led to more heartbreaks, more online harassment, and even abuse. Hence, those who are on the receiving end are taking Vidalista 20 and Kamagra Oral Jelly from powpills.com.

So, what’s the solution

The problem we are discussing is systematic damage that has occurred due to negligence of health over a long time. Thus, its cure will not happen overnight but will take time. Today mental health is a major concern around the world. Some countries even have ministries on mental health. Fildena is a temporary measure that cannot be entrusted with long-term benefits. Introspection and proper medical guidance are the only way of reducing stress without depending on tablets.

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